faradiba tlent

Faradiba Talent is a tool to give creatives from all over the world the chance to see their creations produced.
Following Andy Warhol’s thinking that “an artist is anyone who does something well”, you don’t need a critic’s review to become an artist. Nor does it take the consecration of a magazine to become a designer. Just do what you do well.

Here at Faradiba we believe that the world is full of creativity and unexpressed ideas and that this enormous human capital has the right to emerge and be known. Regardless of training, awards and recognitions.
That’s why we created “Faradiba Talent”, a tool with which anyone with ideas in the world of accessories can give free rein to their creativity through a process that transforms the imagination into a real product.

Anyone can participate in Fardiba Talent according to a very simple mechanism.

  1. Develop an idea that is related to the world of bags or accessories
  2. Send us a .jpg file using the form below. The file must show a preview of the finished product
  3. Get our feedback. If the product is interesting, we will ask you to develop a technical drawing for the sampling phase and possible production start-up.
  4. Get the royalties. Each sold piece of the model you created will receive royalties to gratify your work.

The mechanism is simple. Don’t miss your chance to turn your ideas into reality.