Red Sani 2: styles compared

A bag is never just a bag. It is a small and important indicator of what we are deep inside (don’t believe it? See previous article). A bag is the small door that we use to tell the world who we are, that little detail that really counts. Unlike clothes, which are too visible and sometimes flashy, a clutch allows us to expose ourselves with discretion, leaving only those who really have eyes to understand who we are, what we want to say or what we’d like to be in that very moment. Maybe that’s why the same bag, carried by two different hands, can turn into something totally different. This is the case of our Red Sani 2, interpreted for us by two exceptional influencers, Flavia of @flavyalg and Donatella of @lostilediartemide.

Two looks, two personalities, two completely different moods.

Flavia’s chic and retro-inspired outfit fully reflects her romantic and dreamy soul.

Flavia’s interpretation of clutch Red Sani2

Much more casual, Donatella carries with her all the joy of spring thanks to a fresh day look.

The fresh look by Donatella

And which style do you prefer? How would you subscribe our Red Sani 2? We are really curious to know.


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