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30 Years of experience

Faradiba is a trademark owned by Fara s.r.l., a company that has been operating in the field of high fashion since 1992. Since then the company has specialized in the production of embroidery, mainly hand embroidery, intended both for high fashion and ready-to-wear, but also machine embroidery for a cheaper and more consumer product. Over the years the company has distinguished itself for professionalism and quality, allowing it to work alongside the biggest Italian and international fashion brands. Today the company has established itself as a solid reality, positioning itself among the leading embroidery firms in the fashion industry. This has allowed it to grow and create a complete structure: the production facilities are located in India to draw on the wisdom of the masters Karigar (embroiderers) while the sales offices, based in Italy, allow a close and immediate relationship not only with the customer but also with European suppliers. Strengthened by the experience gained, and being able to count on solid production facilities based in India, since 2018 we have expanded our offer by launching our own line of clothing accessories under the brand name "Faradiba".

Karigar in our offices in Mumbai

Innovation & tradition

SALAD and SANI2 scholarship implementation process

Faradiba bags are a combination of Italian style and the centuries-old tradition of Indian embroidery. The designs are developed by our office in Italy while the realization is entrusted to the mastery of the Karigar. Each bag is a small wonder of Indian craftsmanship, is made entirely by hand and this makes it a unique piece.